Wednesday, November 16, 2011


The quest for knowledge starts as a simple sense of inquisitiveness, learning is just easy but the quest for knowledge leads us to many fortunate and unfortunate inferences of curious minds who lived before us, it rests upon us as men and women to research, re-present and republish the facts with unequivocal bias for the good of not just humans but for all.

The collected knowledge permeates, disturbs and protects you. It constantly focuses you to rebuild your consciousness to better moral standards and to aim for a better quality of life. After a while the consciousness has rebuilt itself many a time over and you get to understand the underlying design of consciousness which has started you towards the quest for knowledge.
At that time the simple sense of inquisitiveness is no more and the underlying pulse to constantly aim for richness of life for yourself and all is revealed.

From this point you start to understand the design of life better and the inherent motives of the designer (creator) who made it, you start to inspect the tool set that has been given to you and you are ready for the proper usage of the tools that has been given by the designer (creator). When this stage is reached, humility is no longer a word but becomes your nature, you start to work with the design and achieve great results for yourself.

As you achieve great results for yourself, you start to wonder about the immense debt that you owe to the knowledge that has been collected, for so many lives have been lost for Sun Tzu to write the "Art of War", so many hours of life was spent by Sushrutha to write down "Sushrutha Samhitha", so many years before Tiruvalluvar could think, ponder and write his treatise on life sciences "Tirukural" and it goes on, looking at the sheer dedication of all these individuals your conscience comes to know of its own indebtedness towards the forerunners who explored the designs of nature and it dawns upon you that you should resolve this debt till you spend your last breath.

As you wonder about your indebtedness you, also seek greater knowledge as to why our ancestors were driven by the same sense of inquisitiveness, finally it dawns upon you that the nature of the game you are playing is to find that life is nothing and you are trapped in this world of sensory perception where the rules of the game are to do what pleases your senses and cause no hurt to anyone in that process.

As you wonder what pleases your senses, you will find that "to fall in your own eyes" is the greatest tragedy of life and the greatest pleasure being "to rise in your own eyes", once you are at this level, no barrier seems hard, no opponent greater and everything and everyone is your friend. If he is against you, it is because he hasn't tuned into this frequency of thinking.

Few thoughts that I would like to mention about the "Greatness of Humanity",

somebody somewhere ate cyanide accidentally before you
so many died of mysterious illnesses before Pencillin was discovered by Alexander Fleming
so many lived barbaric lives before Buddha intervened in Asia, Prophet Mohammed and Jesus in Middle East and Europe.

so many never knew Google till they died and so many will never know, so many worked on the internet and toiled their lives not just to make money but to cater for a purpose above all which they clearly didn't know but knew for sure that this will change the world and make the consciousness of many blossom

and more...
So what should be done with all the knowledge that has been collected and assimilated over the course of years, especially at this point of time where humans virtually have access to infinite wisdom via the internet...

Can we be more responsible and let ourselves blossom?
Can we make more lives blossom by the amount of knowledge we have??

More thoughts are coming...

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Very well thought of. Hats off!