Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Yo - Spirituality business in India is gonna STINK ... I am so happy

Look at this play list Kalki Bhagwan the Criminal of videos, you will know what the heck spirituality is all about. Kudos to who took these videos but I feel sad for the people who are shown in this video, their identities are not concealed, but I believe they are doing their bit to expand their spiritual service by showing the people what is happening behind the scenes.

So many babas, three of the latest, Swami Bhimanand, Swami Nithyanand and the criminal couple Kalki and Amma bhagwan. They did everything immoral.

Nithyanand is a smart swami, he hasn't done anything illegal so far but he limited himself to immoral stuff, he can't be punished under law but still he made a fool of so many.

Bhimanand should be arrested under PITA (Prevention of Immoral Trafficking Act)

Kalki Bhagwan should be arrested under The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985.

Except for Bhimanand everyone is gonna get light punishments under the law, hardly matters for the gross time of so many people they have wasted.

People should learn from this.

Long live Periyar and long live Atheism. Atheism is solid spirituality, believe in it, you will never be disappointed.

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Sridhar said...

"F*ck you dude! How dare you accuse the great babas and swamis of India!" might be the response of many reading this post....

I am really puzzled on how people are falling in to such traps! Frankly I dont care about people worshiping idol Gods(not that I support them)...but these are men who claim themselves as god and there are people who believe/follow them?!

Total crap dude! These men sud be hung in public for their criminal activities!

Sathish Yadav said...

Follow Atheism... don't get into disappointments... :)