Monday, March 8, 2010

Some tips for reading/writing books or documents - Seductive Reading/Writing

I am not talking about novels here, but all other informative books.

Glance the book, understand the ebbs and flows of the book from its preface, know what can be expected from different parts of the book. Glance the manuscript to get a feel on the author's style of presentation.

You may not be convenient with the style of presentation, if you are feeling convenient, you are saved otherwise if the document/book is from a SME (Subject Matter Expert), the style of presentation probably suits the domain necessity, so get around by morphing ur mind to the author's style of presentation for a while. A good book will have consistent style of presentation, so you get a mental picture of a list of items you are looking after 2 to 3 chapters of reading.

A good book should inform the author about the change in the ebb, flow and the speed of narration and take the reader into its lap before the change, this has to be done by meaningful conversation to the reader.

A good book should have references to previous section on what has been said, if not the reader should build the references, writing or scribbling or drawings on the book helps.

I strongly believe a book has to be owned by the reader, his presence be instilled in the book by his constant ranting on all pages, in the way you own the book, it stays close to your heart, you never miss what you learnt and you are destined for success coz you own the information from the book.

A good author should post some ways of contacting him.

A good reader should not have any ego, he should be charmful enough to thank the author of the book, may be send him an email or a letter or atleast thank him in his blog or social network account, I consider that charmful reading, sometimes the way you read seduces you, my reading style is seductive and yours??? :)

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