Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Being Revolutionary

It is hard to belive how great men achieved great things.

I think myself to be thoroughly professional when it comes to work, I won't give a quarter away for any reason, being a disciplined professional; is it going to make me great?????

I don't think so, I can only grow to be a man who serves better and as each day moves I will get better and better in the art of serving, is this success??????????????????

I don't think so, the history of this world is not written by people who are professionals but by people who think they can.

If I think "I can", will I really be able to achieve it???????????????????????????

If you get this question you haven't really thought "I can" with sincerity, respect, honesty and humility.

All those great people who managed to shrug the path of humanity in the path of Dharma, they truly believed "I can".

"I can" is not for some one who loses hope in his first failure, "I can" is for some one who sees the opportunity of correction after his first failure.

I want to recollect at this moment a few legends who painted their destiny with their own hands and will be immortals as long as time and space exists.

Rajinikanth - I am really not sure how he reached the top, without holding any degree, little masala, still learning from his mistakes, still committing mistakes and above all he holds the hearts of many of his fans and without saying loved by all.

Mahathma Gandhi - What made him believe that he could lead the dream of the entire nation. Being an excellent barrister, if he would have used his analytical mind, I think he would have backed off fearing his life.

Bruce Lee - How did he ever get the guts to fight the Martial Arts Junta, he was not supposed to deliver Kung fu skills to non-Chinese, but he did, he braved many people's wrath, he survived a fatal injury in a Game of Death, he came back and envisioned Jeet Kune Do.

Many men and many stories, each gets better than the other, these are people who can't even stand next to professionals like you and me in terms of analytical ability, but as professionals we can't stand next to them in their strength of belief.

From now on I have come to the conclusion that my analytical mind has done enough damage to me already, I have to come out of it and start believing "I can" simply, I am certain this will take me through the right path, WISH ME GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

u'r perception is perfect .....keep movin ....and best wishes ....I know that "U can ".