Sunday, July 27, 2008


Today, I reached 25.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What's my B'day gift?

I have gifted myself a lot of things this birthday, a new bike, a new attitude, a new outlook, a fresh mind and an alert mind.

I have grown in knowledge of this world and I really feel proud of myself on this 25th bday, I just want to kiss myself but unfortunately GOD's design does not permit that, so a lift of the collar and a peck in the cheek is what I gave to myself.

With this day, all my knowledge gathering has come to a saturated state, I will gain knowledge only if need be, now it is time to implement the knowledge I have gained.

Besides GOD gave me another gift but that is a top secret one, this one defines myself. :)

I shall make him proud of sending me to this planet, by next bday, I would have achieved a lot of things, no collar lift or peck in the cheek would do, just standing tall is gonna be enough, that's how cool I am gonna walk from now on.


Suudhan said...

hey yadav,
hope u had a fun-filled bday!

Sathish Yadav said...

ya machi, it was quieter one than usual, I took PTO on bday and I did not regret it.

I had a good attendance with most of my buddies and family friends giving me attendance the whole day in IM/ORKUT/PHONE.

That was one simple and beautiful bday.