Friday, June 20, 2008

The secret of the secret ingredient

I just saw a movie called Kung-fu panda, the movie was fun all the way, it was an absolute entertainer, besides I took a valuable lesson from this movie.

"The secret of the secret ingredient is nothing", what a phrase, this is exactly what I was looking for a very long time, my stupid logical brain did not understand this subtle existential logic.

It was well said in the movie that, to make something special, you just have to believe it's special.

Now this is the base of positive thinking, I love this.

I've been thinking long and alone on what's in love and marriage, to my logical eye it did not make sense at all, now it's so simple in both love and marriage the couples believed it to be special, this is the secret ingredient for ever lasting love and long lasting marriages.

I've been exploring this arena for some time now, I really don't know how this happens, all through my life, I have never struggled hard for answers, when I want it, it just comes to me or is this perception created because of my alertness, I do not know.

Anyways positive thinking does not mean that one should not prepare for failure, one should be prepared for failure, forget about the preparation and indulge in their work positively, for these are the kinds of people who have succeeded in the history of humanity.

Plain positive thinkers to my knowledge have lost their teeth when things don't come their way.

Be prepared and Be Positive.


Suudhan said...

its called the law of attraction :)
and i completely believe in that!

There is a documentary film about the benefits of it - it is called "The Secret" :)

Let me know if you want the movie.

Anonymous said...

It was well said in the movie that, to make something special, you just have to believe it's special.

I go with this ...this would be the answer for your logical mind.I can see some changes in you ...which makes to think emotionally. Hope your EQ is increasing. Anyways maintain the IQ also. the balance in EQ and IQ will give a successful life.

In y perception ...answers for all the quetions are around us. When we openup our mind we can see and get the answers.

Changes are good. :)