Monday, June 2, 2008

Prayer and Obedience

Where have I last heard these words?

In school and after that I haven't even got anywhere near these, being a staunch atheist, I did not want to pray but atheist's do pray, they do not pray to the Gods but definitely pray for their welfare and welfare of the world. Atheist prayers sound more like wishes.

"I wish I were better and people around me were happy" - A sample Atheist prayer.
I need some obedience to strictly follow expert advice, that's it.

OK, adding this to my list for the self-discipline regime.

PS: Putting these in my blog makes me more responsible so just bear with it.


Suudhan said...

I think people who pray, as in pray for everyone's wishes, is more agnostic than atheist..
you might want to re-consider ur atheist stance ;)
And ya, I agree, prayer and obedience are supposed to pace your heart-beat to a frequency, which increases concentration and focus..
good ingredients for the discipline regime :)

Sathish Yadav said...

Thanks dude :). I definitely don't understand what you mean by "more agnostic than atheist", but anyways I am not a strict, out of the book atheist :).

I don't hate theists but I believe in atheism for my inner peace, just a personal choice.

It was very nice to see your concerned reply, once again thanks dude :)

Suudhan said...

oops.. sorry for being cryptic..
atheist, in the strict text-book sense, are not even supposed to be spiritual... and a person who whispers a silent prayer (not taking any God names ;)) is considered spiritual... :)
So, may be I thought u might be spiritual :)

Sathish Yadav said...

I have been thinking about this for some time, you may be right, the word spiritual makes more sense to me.

I have been adopting the Atheist word as not many seem to understand the word spiritual means, people seem to have confused the word spiritual with religion. I did not adopt it consciously though but I did this as I did not know the proper diff between religion and spirituality.

Good point dude, anyways excuse me as I will be continuing the use of the Atheist word as I see more confused people than clear ones like you.

I also found that once I say I am a spiritual person, people come to debate and waste their time and mine, dropping the spiritual word from my external vocab for obvious advantages, anyways I will consider myself spiritual from my internal vocab.

Suudhan said...

I am happy to know that u think I am clear in my thinking :)

And as long as u are conveying what you want to convey, the use of words doesn't matter.