Thursday, June 5, 2008

Flush Door Logic

What the heck?

I read a recent article on Environmental Awareness on World Environment Day.

There was one logic which just got my attention and made me feel amused for a while.

The piece looked like this,

"You have to save water, every drop counts, buy flush doors with both 2 ltr and 5 ltr flushes", you know obviously what each is supposed to do :).

Now this is another way of making the uber rich spend some money as some are seriously concerned about water wastage.

Now what are people supposed to do when they have a flush door with only 5 ltr flushes?


When you have done your job on the pot, push your flush knob down, when you feel the water that flowed through is enough pull it back up, the water will stop, you get better control than a seperate 2 ltr and 5 ltr flush.

Imagine the cost of purchasing one new flush system, it is equally harmful to buy new things every now and then, manufacturing of mindless materials is absolutely harmful to the environment, imagine the harmful gases released during the process of manufacturing, imagine the cost of transporting these mindless materials, imagine the pollutants released during transport, what happens to your old flush system? it gets recycled, imagine one more round of recycling and transportation cycle.

The real cause of environmental degradation is primarily caused by people who fail to apply the following logic.

"Keep simple things simple, complex things complex".

This story is so close to a famous quote from one of the ex-CM of Tamil Nadu, Mr. Annadurai, "Do we need a big door for the big dog and a small door for the small dog? I say, let the small dog use the big door too!""