Saturday, March 1, 2008

Scare the dogs away.......

Dogs I love them but then I had a bad time with dogs when I was a kid. I was bit two times and I went through that painful procedure of getting 14 injections all around my naval, that was the only solution that was available during those days. It was bad really bad, luckily the second time I got bit, I was more than happy that a better variant has emerged, where you get only 3 injections and you can run home happily without any fear of diseases.

Since then I have been looking for ways to scare away unfriendly dogs, now I found one. This one's God Damn effective in the streets of Bangalore. During mid night you get to see more dogs in the Bangalore streets than men, there will be 10-15 dogs trying to do a round up and may be they think of a meal, I don't know. I always have the habit of roaming around till midnight and I never felt any problems till I was in Chennai, but once I set foot on Bangalore I had to be more careful with the street dogs, they were ferocious.

I don't know why Chennai does not have that many dogs in the street, may be it's because of the Chineese influx, it is well known that the Chineese can eat from ANTS to ELEPHANTS and still feel sad about not having a DINOSAUR for DESSERT. lol

OK, coming to the point, I learnt from somewhere in the past that animals get scared when the opposition shows it off like as if it suddenly became big.

I tried this, whenever I saw ferocious dogs, I just held the shoulder part of my shirt and pulled it up, thus creating a feeling that as if I suddenly became big ( I know I am big but I am no match for 10-15 dogs), to my surprise all these stupid dogs just ran back (No team spirit, they just don't seem to count their safety in numbers). I kept doing this for the past 6 months whenever I got an opportunity and it worked just successful.

May be someone should try this on a tiger or on a pack of wolves and send the results. :)

OK don't try it before me and say that you tried it before a LION. just kidding.......... ;)


David V. said...

Great tip, good to know! Thanks man!!

Anonymous said...

Cant believe this is all you need to do. Seriously, hope you are not joking I will be trying it the next time I meet a mental dog. They are everywhere where I live. Was hoping that you were going to recommend some sort of spray or electric repellant of some sort that I could buy. This is cheaper but I am wary if it will work. Wont be posting back if it doesnt cause it probably means that I didnt make it. But will let you know if I needed to use it and it was successful. Here's hoping.

Sathish Yadav said...

Good luck.... let me know even if it doesn't work... there are some variations that I have picked up over the years... :)