Monday, March 10, 2008

Overview of the Trip to Mcleodganj

The trip was an excellent one, one of a kind, filled with fun, dangerous and adventurous moments. I will try to cover the fun-filled moments in brief and give you the feel we had when we dangerously moved over the points between heaven and earth.

Trip Plan:

The plan was to reach Dharamshala by morning of 7th March 2008 and be back in Delhi on 9th March 2008.


We were 8 adventurous people and our names in alphabetical order as follows and the funny one-liners (no offence)(some one liners were courtesy of Vijayan, so please make sure before you come and hit me, just kidding :)).

1) Kapil - The Perpetual Sick Man
2) Rajesh - Giggler
3) Sathish (Me) - Lazy Boy
4) Soumya - Highly Adventurous Kid
5) Srikanth - The Accountant Extraordinaire
6) Srinivas - Quiet One
7) Swami - The Perpetual First Timer
8) Vijayan - Trip Planner

We bonded well right from the beginning of the journey till the end. We faced numerous hiccups and problems from the start of the journey, the one thing that got better and better through the journey was the fun factor, it just did not sulk even in tough situations, we managed to laugh over the tough situations away with the unifying spirit of having fun, fun and fun only. "What more can I say?", just read through and you will know the true meaning here.

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