Monday, March 31, 2008

Day 3: To Delhi

Day 3: To Delhi (9th March 2008)

1) Arrival at Delhi
2) Jageer Palace
3) Visit Red Fort (Ice creams for breakfast)
4) Andhra Bhawan
5) Palka Bazaar
6) Back to Bangalore.

We arrived in the early hours on Sunday. We had some trouble with Kaalu and as usual Vijayan spoke in Hindi to get rid of him :). We somehow got an accomodation near the Airport, the place was called Jageer Palace, it was a decent enough hotel and the price was good when comparing Delhi prices. We had some rest, freshened up and all of us were hungry to the core.

We first tried the restaurant at Jageer palace itself, we found the prices were too costly so we simply quit. We just took the bus to Red Fort. We had small naps in the bus, everyone was feeling sleepy and hungry to the core. We reached RED FORT at around 9:00 AM and started searching for food, God just did not want to give us food that day, we never found a hotel or a tiny restaurant to eat. We just kept walking, some one came up with the brilliant idea of having ice creams for breakfast and that's all we found. Everyone took a choco bar and munched on to RED FORT.

The red fort to me was nothing, it was just a fort. It was boring to go through it, we just got some history lessons from the museum and that's it.

We walked out of the red fort at around 1:00 PM. I thought of eating some Delhi delicacies but Delhi was our nation's capital but certainly not the gastronomic capital of our country, it was lucky we got good advice from Srikanth and Kapil as they insisted to go to Andhra Bhawan, if we had not went there I bet we could have starved.

We headed to Andhra Bhawan, I had to say I was thrown back by the crowd there but I was also perplexed by the way the crowd got clearing. They somehow had got the throughput right, the people were really waiting for less time. The management was really good. Besides the no. of customers they had, they respected everyone and managed to get seats for everyone as the customer's pleased, that was truly outstanding. The food was great, I had very little words coming out of my mouth at that time as I was busy relishing the quality of the food. When the meal was over everyone had only one thing to say "Relief from Rotis" :).

During my trip north of the country I realised a fact of why all dieticians recommend rotis to reduce weight. I think I am right, please have a look.

1) You have a count of how many rotis you eat.
2) By struggling to eat them you give up eating.

These two make a perfect combination to reduce weight.

Just kidding, all roti lovers excuse, I am just expressing how I felt.

Next stop Palka Bazaar.

Palka Bazaar was a great market with everything cheap, you got to make it cheap of course by bargaining. Kapil lent me the trick and I made my moves based on that, he said "They will quote 3000, you say 500 and they will agree". I tried this and it worked. I felt all my friends who bought some item or the other got it for 20% of the price that was initially quoted.

We just went back, had some sleep, packed our goods and went back to Bangalore.

That was the story of fun-loving, highly-adventurous, accomodating and enthusiastic eight men in one of the best trips I ever had.

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