Monday, March 10, 2008

Day 0: Trip to Mcleod

Day 0: Adobe Noida Office (Wednesday 6th March 2008)

1) Mess up with the travel bookers and our huge baggage.
2) Introduction to Kaalu Radhesham (The creepy and spooky driver)
3) Antakshari (Soumya special)
4) Puncture near Chandigarh.
5) Early morning tea at a Dhaba in that nail biting weather.

Here we go,

Exhausted after the QE tech summit, we began looking for our trip partners and got introduced to each other, after a brief session of maggi noodles, bread omlettes, chit chatting and bird watching in the splenddid ambience of our Adobe Noida campus, we started by moving our back packs to the car at 6:55 PM, we found that the Qualis that we ordered for did not have a carriage over the roof and it was impossible for us to pack all of our luggages. There was a wonderful session of Vijayan's rebid in Hindi to get us all a vehicle with a carriage over the roof. The wait was not over yet, the bid was over though, we were asked to wait for 15 minutes by the travel booker, we waited, waited and kept waiting in the road for 2 hours and alas we got a scorpio with a carriage over the roof and Kaalu Radhesham, the driver whom we later found was a devil in disguise.

We loaded our packs in the vehicle and started off, we had an entire session of Antakshari in Hindi and the songs just kept flowing, I was just amazed by the song databases that our guys were and especially Soumya, he seems to have a directory index of songs starting in all letters, he was so enthusiastic about his directory index, he ends up singing all the songs in 4x speed, just to get ready for the next song and he many a time ended starting off a new song when he had just completed a song (truly amazing).

OK, here starts our puncture story, we had a puncture after a few miles from Chandigarh, we were in the middle of a bridge and we spent some time in the chilling weather outside our cab all alone and not even a dog around us, after this, I don't know what happened to our driver, he started driving rashly and it was too rash that I had to wake up and give him company just to avoid his rash driving and a day later he told us that he was driving rashly because I was sleeping sitting next to the driver's seat, to my knowledge that's just a "What an excuse?", if he had some problems he could have straight away told us.

We stopped somewhere near Punjab for tea in a Dhaba at around 6 AM, the weather was nail biting, Rajesh and Vijayan's hands were shivering when they tried to hold the tea, after the tea, me, Vijayan and Rajesh went near the just lit Tandoor, the Tandoor was so comforting, everyone had a good time showing our fronts, backs and hands to the Tandoor.

For the trekkers:

Except for the roads in and around Chandigarh, Dharamshala and Noida, all other roads were bad or under construction.
Just watch out for the beautifully laid out Chandigarh, it is so well crafted like a city in Europe.

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