Saturday, February 2, 2008

Life is beautiful

Life is beautiful, it's just beautiful

Just my thoughts on life............. :)

Life is beautiful, life is a wonderful mix of happiness, sadness, love, hate and change. Life is so complex is an understatement for people who do not understand life. But life is simple to those who find beauty out of everything they see in life and that's why I will keep saying life is beautiful.

Life to me comprises of 3 things,

1) Survival
2) Family
3) Personal Life

Let me talk about this in brief.


The foremost virtue in life given to you as a gift on your birth day by the God himself. One should first survive, without which there is no meaning in life. Survival of a human depends on three major factors namely food, shelter and clothing. It is based on a person's ability to buy luxurious food, shelter and clothing or stick to normal food, shelter and clothing.

In order for one to survive, there is a status that you put to yourself when you grow in this world, based on a person's status in the society he should choose his food, shelter and clothing. The rich and affluent must learn to eat out in a fine dining restaurant, live in a luxurious villa and wear branded fashion wear whereas the poor must learn to eat in his home, live in a thatched hut and wear normal clothing.

But does this mean rich has to live rich and poor has to live poor? No, based on your status you should decide to stick to things based on your status.

The fundamental principle is changes happen and it is inevitable. You may be rich but not all the time, it is all but insane to think of accumulating more wealth when you are already rich. When you are rich you should enjoy your richness and flaunt with it.

If you happen to be a poor some day just stop worrying and concentrate on taking your life in the poor man's stride. No CRIBBING.

This fundamental understanding will lessen the burden on a person's shoulder to keep on being rich or keep on maintaining the status that he/she was born with.

What does the society think of me when I become poor? Nothing, the society will not think about anyone for not more than 2 minutes, if you bounce back, you will find the society bouncing back at you to enjoy the fruits of your labur.

Just survive keep surviving, life's good and bad will keep flowing through you, enjoy the good and stop worrying when it's bad.

"Calm seas never make skillful sailors".

Just Survive! if possible help other's survive.


It's home, if you manage to survive you will find it's the most wonderful place on earth. For many who do not understand the difference between a house and home. Home is a place where a family lives and house is just a lodging space.

That's why it is "Home Sweet Home".

If there is all the world that you can travel and there is no place for you to come back, then that will make your life empty and meaningless. You will just become a pleasure animal if you don't have a home and soon loose your senses, you will not even have a basic survival motive to kill a mosquito if it hurts you.

If there is a home then it is all that you can live for and die for, there is a pleasure in protecting what you truly love and that pleasure is heavenly when you want to protect your family. You will soon become a person having a basic instinct to kill a tiger if you have someone to protect.

That's the difference, for a man home is everything to live for and die for, if not he is just a wandering animal drifted in his miserable loneliness, never to be seen as a human until love brings him back to this earth.


It's about you.

You can't keep surviving and protecting your family for too long, that routine will slowly bore you and kill you. You have to keep tickling your pleasure senses every now and then and enjoy as much as you can.

There is a truth about enjoyment, the more you enjoy the more you want it, but if you keep on enjoying without protecting your interests or responsibility on your survival and family, you will soon lose the taste for enjoyment.

Enjoyment is good at safer levels and occasionally, it will trigger more life into you if it is this way.

With all these meticulously worked out in a month's schedule will make you enjoy a month, that experience of fulfillment and gratitude towards life and the beings that surround you is what makes LIFE BEAUTIFUL.

At times of grave danger, protecting your loved ones will make your LIFE BEAUTIFUL.

At times of famine and hunger, protecting your loved ones from starvation will make your LIFE BEAUTIFUL.

At times of richness and joy, enjoying responsibly with your loved ones will make your LIFE BEAUTIFUL.

At times of greatness and glory, sharing it with your loved ones will make your LIFE BEAUTIFUL.

If you still don't get it.

Survival, Family and Personal are words synonymous to Protection, Responsibility and Enjoyment.

"Give more than what you take always, life will be beautiful unto you and care not for what others say."


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